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The following issues that may occur when you use Fast Runner.

Known Installation issues.

When you launch the program first time after its installation, an error in registry may occur.

This issue occurs when you change the default install directory and the last character in the new install path is a backslash character - '\'.
To resolve this issue:
Known product issues.

An incorrect OS version displayed in the System Information form.

Old versions of the application are not adapted to work in 8.1/2012 (and newer) Windows version.
The 4.0 release has been updated to work in those OS versions.
Applies to: prior to 4.0

Error messages are logged in the event log - Id 32 and 59 (source: SideBySide).

Missing VC80.MFCLOC assembly. It is not required by application but by MFC libraries.
Fixed in 3.3b - added local assembly.
Applies to the following versions: 3.3, 3.3a.

When you open previous log "File not found..." error occurs.

Previous sesion log will be available after third program launch.

During databse import program freeze...

This issue occurs when you import database with network links.
Program works correctly. If network resources are unavailability or your network connection is slow, "time to response" is needed.
This procedure may take a long time.
Applies to: prior to 4.0

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