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FAST RUNNER 4.0c Polska Wersja

Fast Runner is a multi-purpose application that merges a file-launcher, simple Personal Information Manager, calendar, tasks scheduler and small system information tool.

File launcher makes applications executing , opening documents, folders or web pages, links to which are somewhere in the Start menu or on the Desktop, among other links, easy, simple and quick. This allows to eliminate crowd of icons on the Desktop or searching required links in the Start menu.

Fast Runner also provides the Scheduler - where you can schedule your links to execute. You can also schedule reminder pop-up window with your notes to display.

As Personal Information Manager the application provides the Calendar with organizer/reminder functionality, Notes - something like popular yellow "sticky notes" and as a phone-book - the Personal Contacts.

The System information tool retrieves general information about the operating system, disks partitions, memory, network, autostart applications and a power status.

In addition the application offers simple the Shut down / Restart, Sleep or Hibernate tool, with ability to schedule the time when one of these commands will be executed. It is also possible to sign out from the system.

The application merges a few other applications and tools and is for all because anyone can find something for self.

The application is free, help file explains how to use program features.
Fast Runner - main window view Requirements:
System: Windows XP or newer.
License: freeware

Download - 8.2MB